Saw Pipes - The Company

PRATIBHA INDUSTRIES LIMITED - SAW PIPES DIVISION , is a part of the USD 185 million Pratibha Group. Its foray into the Helical (Spiral) Saw pipes & Coating Plant is an extension of its vision owing to its technical capabilities and core competency areas of manufacturing of large diameter SAW pipes, custom built structural steel sections and execution of integrated water supply projects amongst others.

In the era of globalization and thriving economies, the energy requirements to meet higher productivity are ever increasing. Conventional methods of transportation are proving expensive and in-efficient day-by-day thereby the need arising for cost efficient, safe, environment friendly and pilfer proof transmission system of OIL & GAS through well developed pipe networks. Besides OIL & GAS, Helical SAW pipes are having a huge potential for town / city water supply and sewerage transportation & structural requirements.

The SAW pipes division envisaging a surge in demand in the coming years and to meet the growing global requirements decided and are in an advanced stage of putting-up their first integrated manufacturing facility for HSAW Pipes and Protective Coatings.